Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekend Wants.

Yes, happy campers, the Bethie is a little tired after last night's events.  So instead of wasting my energy thinking, I have used it productively to come up with ideas of things I want. :)  I figure you'd want to see my "Weekend Wants" each weekend. I'm just kicking this one off a little early.

This weekend, I'd like to present... ADDRESS STAMPS! I love these things and I will get one eventually.  I visited ETSY, because Esty ROCKS, and found these examples, all of which will take you to their online store. 

Aren't these just COOL! I'm a letter writing freak, so I'd use the hound out of it.  I will own one, just wait and see!  Maybe I'm thinking of stamps so much because my fingers are currently covered in black ink from stamping my co-worker's name on 1.225 million Voter Registration cards as our Authorized Election Official.. :)

Looking forward to a slightly warmer weekend to melt this horrible ice and hopefully return life to normal. Tonight I MUST write in my Thankful Journal because I"m already becoming pretty slack about that, but it's something I believe is important. So I got to get back at it. 

Someone drop me a line and give me suggestions for things to do this weekend. I need some inspiration!

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