Saturday, January 8, 2011

Don't Judge Me.

I am so sorry. Truly I am. But I must confess... I went to the grocery story tonight due to the impending bad weather coming our way.

I KNOW! I know, I made fun of those people. But it's ingrained in us as small Southern children, when the weather is going to be bad, you must go to the grocery store. There was in invisible force that pulled me through the doors. I'm ashamed.

Here is what I purchased to survive the Great Storm of 2011:

What you see here is:

-- Sierra Mist for the drive home
-- 2 trash novels
-- Really nasty chocolate chip cookies
-- the makings for Smores
-- Life cereal
-- Batteries in case the ones in my camera are toast.

I am prepared for no electricity and bad weather - I have smores and books! And no milk, if you'll notice (but I'll be honest and admit I purchased it yesterday). Man I hope this stuff misses us.

If it doesn't miss us, I have a stack of creative crafty things I'd like to tackle in between the trash novels.  Seeing all these creative blogs has inspired me to try my hand at cute crafty projects. I'll post pictures when the power comes back on. *hha ha ha haaa haa*  Oh wait, having no power isn't funny.  :(

Anyway, I'm heading to bed to enjoy my electric blanket while I've got it. :)

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