Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Containing my Excitement!

Oh my gosh... I'm going to Charleston this weekend! EIIK! I love Charleston. No wait. I L.O.V.E Charleston and can't wait to dive in - if only for one day.  I just want to be out of this area for a breather and suck some new air into my lungs.  Please please please let it all work out. :) 

See, we didn't do a family trip this past summer due to one wedding and one house remodel. The thoughts of lazy days on the beaches went flying hurling out the window as other priorities had higher billing.  So when my wonderful sister said, " Let's get away this weekend," I was screaming YES!!!!!!!!!  I'll let you know if it really happens. And post pictures of one of my favorite places on earth, of course.

Just an FYI - I have been doing well about writing in my Thankful Journal. Even on nights when I'm sad and I start writing, I realize I have a million things to be thankful for! And it also reminds me to pray for the situations and people that are struggling.  Loving this life change for 2011.  (and it ties in with Appreciation - my word for 2011!) I have also tried to cook a little more, take lunch to work and eat at home more.  Tonight, my ADD attention span kicked in and I kinda messed it all up. But it was edible. And I'm feeding the leftovers to the brother-in-law next door. Here's the pic of the elbow macaroni (and a few rotini b/c I ran out of elbow), tomato sauce, salsa, and cheese combination. I feel bad because other blogs have beautiful pictures of their meals - and you get stuck with a camera phone and this mess. Oh well, it's very Bethie-like. Sorry!

It's way past my bedtime considering I didn't sleep worth pooh last night. Night nights, my friends!

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