Sunday, January 16, 2011

Appreciating Myself.

Sometimes I'm slow on the pick-up, but I finally got the memo today. I haven't felt this good about life in years. I'm very happy in my beautiful home, I enjoy my work and my co-workers, I'm exercising my creative side again and I'm basically pretty content! Life is good. I'm lovin' it.

The only thing that was really dragging me down (that I could actually do something about) was my on-line dating profiles.  I go through stages where I feel like I should be doing something to find a man. So I look online and end up becoming disappointed in myself... feeling like no one is going to want me, blah blah, negative negative, blah.

I tell you this: God has a plan for me. I do believe He can use the Internet, but I haven't felt that He's ever used it for me to meet my mate. I don't believe I've closed any doors in His face. Therefore, when God is ready for me to be in a relationship and find my mate, He WILL put him in my path. I'm giving that worry and concern over to Him. I feel better already.

So I think one thing I need to do this year is learn how to APPRECIATE myself, along with the other blessings I've been given.  :)

I was in church this morning and realized my preacher puts significant work into his sermons. He doesn't slap something together last minute. There is LOTS of research and preparation.  So I told him thank you for all the dedication and work he puts into our sermons, that we appreciate it. We were glad to have him. And he really appreciated the encouragement.

I'm liking the appreciation word this year. Let's see how appreciative I can be during Election time...

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