Friday, January 7, 2011

Simple Things.

I honestly try to find happiness in the small, simple things in life.  I find that I'm much happier if these small things can make my day. So, I'm purposefully trying to notice little things to tickle me pink.

The last few mornings it has been the amazing sunrises on my way into work.  Like I mentioned before, I'm the fool driving down the road with my phone on top of the steering wheel trying to take pictures. But I can't help myself! It's just a beautiful scene and really peaceful drive to start my day. 

Here is yesterday's sunrise:

It's great until I get just into town and the sun hits my eyes ... that's rough stuff. I'm always afraid I'll be blinded and hit someone... but like this as it just crests and the sun rays are being tossed in every direction - love it.

This was today's sunrise:

I really like the mix of clouds and dark trees against the colors of the morning.  So this is how I start my day. And it makes me incredibly happy. :)

The other small thing that tickled me this week - my fun socks, thanks to my BFF.  I'm really bad about not wanting to wear socks in the winter. I'm a flip flop kind of gal and really hate to wear anything else on my feet. But, despite the fact I'm in the South, we do need to wear socks from time to time. My BFF took pity on me when I was at her house sockless and gave me these to wear!  Every time I spotted my feet at work, I got all giddy! So I just had to share the giddiness with you!

Admit it. You are now feeling giddy. I can tell! It's impossible to resist. And when I see this picture with the gray fuzzy hair peeping out from behind my left foot, I also get giggly (my coworkers head!).

Ok, back to work now. Hope you enjoyed the trip down Happiness Lane... feel free to share what small thing makes you giddy in life. I'm all about finding new things that make me happy!

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