Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I love creating! Not that I'm especially talented at it, but it is so relaxing to come home, eat a little bite of food and set in creating something for someone else. After tonight, the creativity will have to be packed up until after my housewarming on Saturday. I'm a messy creative person! So what am I working on?

I have stacks of cards for veterans and currently deployed troops. While I wait for the dial-up internet connection, I'll cut out stars, hearts, waves and such. A glue stick, some blue and red dots and WHALA! You have a card. :)  Now, I need to write in these bad boys and ship them out so someone else can enjoy them.

I'm taking a break from military cards and trying something a little different for a change. You'll see that project later, after I've already shared it with the appropriate people. Can't ruin the surprise! (VERY LITTLE SURPRISE, so don't anyone get excited...)

Tonight, I found these cute scrapbooking stickers and made AH a card to go with her artwork (which you've already seen) for her birthday.  I think she's going to like both.  She likes things with her name on it, so I think we'll be good. I only have to wait another month to give it to her!
I have some great news that I'm SO excited about! My brother received a job offer today! This is one of those things that has been in my Thankful Journal for a while now (at the bottom of each entry, I list the things I'm thankful for on one side, and the things I'm praying for on the other side.)  Tonight, I get to move him from the "Praying for" side to the "THANKFUL" side! I love to see prayers answered like this. Thank you, Lord, for giving him this opportunity! We are all so excited for him. :)

All in all, Tuesday has been good, despite waking up with one heck of an evil cold. I'm about to call it all quits tonight, enjoy a hot bubble bath, cold medicine and bed. :)  Thanks for joining me on the journey - and share any suggestions for killing this cold, please!

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