Saturday, January 22, 2011

Home Sweet Home.

Ahhh... our whirlwind trip to Charleston is back where we started 29 hours before!  It started with me leaving my walking shoes at home, so I had to make a quick dash to buy some new ones (and I love them!).

We had a great trip down, stopping in Cola to visit our wonderful and creative friend, Paulene (of Leen Machine!).  That was a much overdo visit and I'm so glad it worked out.  I was just as excited to see her as I was to see Charleston! AND we went to my favorite Columbia restaurant, LIZARD'S THICKET! Love me some Thickety goodness!

Our hotel was absolutely lovely and in the most perfect location! We stayed at the Kings Courtyard Inn, which is a small hotel with only 41 rooms. It was so quaint and unique - just a treat.  The continental breakfast was huge and the most relaxing part of our trip. Seriously, breakfast in their intimate breakfast room was worth the trip.

After that, we bundled up and toured the city we both love so much! We hit the Market (where we bought nothing), Black Market Gems (where I got the coolest bookends in agate!), Kaminsky's (SMORE'S cake and steamers to WARM UP in the crazy cold weather, three candy shoppes (for salt water taffy, fudge and chocolate cashew and pecan clusters!), and eventually, the beach! We didn't manage much else because it was CRAZY cold. Remember, I'm Southern?? I don't do cold! I hate the cold - but I really hate it on vacation with a freezing breeze making it unbearable! BRRRR...

And let me just say thanks to Willa, my GPS (that's what I've named her), because she took us over at least 4 random bridges as I tried to get from Folly Beach to Mount Pleasant. Holy cow, I need to learn how to focus better. We toured just about every island around Charleston! (Oops!) Willa always recalculated and found us a way out of the mess I had gotten us into.

I have much better photos on my real camera, but I'm not exactly sure where that is right now. When I find it, I'll upload all kinds of photos from Charleston for your enjoyment. :) For now, however, I'm heading to my nice deep bathtub and filling it full of hot steaming water before crashing into my bed with my sweet kitten, Muffin. We had a great time, but it's also great to be home! :)

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