Sunday, January 9, 2011

Crafty Bethie.

So far the snow hasn't started, but I did get a jump start on the crafty portion of being snowed in. My niece's birthday is next month and I wanted to do something personalized for her room. My inspiration came from a piece of artwork I found for my friend, Grace.  Eventually, I'll drop it in the mail to her:

I really liked it when I saw it and it's more beautiful in person. This one is small enough to fit on a desk with an easel or plate holder. Super cute and filled with the inspiring words that Grace will love.

 I found it at the Believe In Abilities store in Gastonia, NC.  Proceeds go to services, programs and groups that provide support for individuals with disabilities. Having an aunt who is mentally handicapped made this store very special to me.
So with this in mind, I created something totally different for my 8-year-old niece for her room. I started with a 16 x 20 canvas (I found 2 for $8 at Hobby Lobby and they were 30% off from that!). I drenched the entire canvas and then started layering on colors. And then screwed it up by picking it up before it was dry and going back to fix my background. I'm just not patient enough. Here are some pics:

And the finished product - the polka dots are bright green.
I thought it was cute!

I have another canvas, so I need to figure out what I'm going to do with it. No clue as of now... But surely someone will have an idea. Any thoughts? Please share!

Ok, since we are supposed to be bracing for Winter Storm 2011, I suppose I should go run up water or run the dishwasher or do something else in preparation for lack of electricity. When we were kids, it was cool to use kerosene lanterns to play Scrabble at the table. Nowadays, not so hot. So say a prayer we keep power!

PS - doing good on the photos so far! I didn't say they had to be stellar photos, just pictures of my week! :)

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