Wednesday, May 31, 2017

No More Tit-for-Tat

Gracious there are times when the Lotd, quite simply, grabs your attention. Not always through some magestical way, but sometimes in the quiet of the morning. I've been very slack in reading and praying through the chaos of my life lately. As I wrote to one friend - does it look like everything is going well in my Facebook posts? - yeah, that shows you how deceiving Facebook is! And for some reason, I shut down when the going gets tough, instead of reaching out to God. And that brings on anxiety. What a vicious circle. 

So this morning, after several nights of no sleep, I'm awake in my dimly lit bedroom, reading the Girlfriends in God devotional that I've been ignoring forever. Today's message was good, about those God moments where the overwhelming desire to praise Him can occur in any life moment. And they said to read Psalm 63. 

I opened my Bible app and the verse of the day appeared. I usually glance at the first lines that show but rarely click on it To read the entire passage. Today I clicked. 

“To you who are ready for the truth, I say this: Love your enemies. Let them bring out the best in you, not the worst. When someone gives you a hard time, respond with the energies of prayer for that person. If someone slaps you in the face, stand there and take it. If someone grabs your shirt, giftwrap your best coat and make a present of it. If someone takes unfair advantage of you, use the occasion to practice the servant life. No more tit-for-tat stuff. Live generously. (Luke 6:27-30 MSG)

Two things stand out - (1) To you who are  ready for the truth. (I am often not! And therefore the Lord's message will not be revealed until we are ready!) and (2) If someone takes unfair advantage of you, practice the servant life. No more tit-for-tat stuff. Wwwhhhoooaaa. That's definitely not what society teaches us!! Living the servant life - no society teaches we live to be served. It's ME driven. Not THEE driven. 

So this concept of a servant's life keeps popping up in various places for me. Enough that I am recognizing this message. I pray I can have a servant's attitude because it's definitely not what I currently have. But it is what the Lord wants. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sprang is Here!

Happy belated Easter and Happy Sprang!! So happy we are seeing fresh green and pretty pinks popping up everywhere. Hate the nasty yellow pollen causing everyone grief, but you gotta have pollen to have Spring.

Roger celebrated birthday 42 and had Macy's help opening presents and blowing out candles. 

A random night on Katie's deck. She's all about dressing up. 

Dyed eggs for Easter, of course. 

Serious concentration going on so we don't drop and break the egg. 

I'm not sure what Katie used but she made dye that pretty much dyed the egg the second it went into the liquid. Great for impatient Macy. We ended up with a ton of dye cups and a ton of eggs!! 

Easter Sunday. He is risen!! So thankful Macy is in a Christian family and already grasps so much about Jesus and His love for her. 

Family photo!! Missing sweet niece #1, but she's a teen now and doesn't come home here much. ;)  I try to remember that but it's been forever since I've seen her! 

Some of the cousins came to Mom's for Easter egg hunts. These two should be brother and sister they are so much alike - Macy and River. 

 The only girl in her family group. And she can hold her own :) What a sweetie! 

Cutie Rylan, closest to Macy's age and one of her good friends. 

These two are first cousins and great friends. Leilla and Gates. 

My aunt and uncle (mom's sister) and their grand babies!! Eddie has Rylan and Emmett, Ann is holding Perrin, Leilla Gates and River are standing by her. :) 

While we are talking about family, my aunt Brenda came up from Georgia for an extended weekend and the sisters got together at aunt Kathy's house! (And one sister-in-law!) Back row, Brenda, mom, Dot, Ann. Front row: Bonnie Jean, Kathy and Faye. Love this pic! 

Macy's first school program was last night! She had five songs memorized with motions. She did so well! 

Aunt Faye came, too! So she and mom made the sisters' trip and then came to Macy's program. Busy day! 

Very proud of this sweet girl! 

At least that catches me up on pics! All of them are of Macy, but that's what I see the most of these days. Looking forward to getting the work life calmed down, so I can spend some time with my nephews. Gosh they are growing so fast, learning so much. What blessings! 

Ok I gotta get my booty out the door and off to work! 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Actually, I am Irish!

Thanks to I do know that I am part Irish! So happy Saint Patty's day from an official Irish girl. I also found out I am very boring and very white. I honestly expected something more than European, Irish and English. Oh well, I am what I am. :)

I am also a fierce dinosaur! Sweet niece went to a birthday party were dinosaurs was the theme. She wore this mask for half the day- loved it! So we became dinosaurs together. <3

I'm studying a devotion with an online group on Facebook. It's called Broken and Redeemed a study on the God who redeems our stories. I ordered the journal off Amazon and I have so enjoyed this devotion!
Why I like having the group online is because it opens up others understandings of the scripture that we read. I learn so much from what other people got out of the Scriptures, it opens my eyes to complete new lessons.  I recommend it - find it on Amazon.

I rarely show photos of just myself, but here I am with one of the custom orders that has come in recently for Pressed Clovers. This year I asked that God would allow me to make things that people wanted. All the sudden my bib and burp cloth business took off like lightning. With it came some growing pains of trying to keep up three stores, two brick-and-mortar, one online, so at this point the online has been taken down. But I so love having people want what I make! To know that it is helpful to mommies and their babies because it's a good quality product. I've had some pains - I've had to learn some lessons and make adjustments, but it's so worth it and I'm learning so much as I go.

Then mom started making hair bows. Big beautiful fluffy poofy cute hair bows for all the little princesses out there. Beautiful work - it is amazing what she can do. So now that has also become a part of Pressed Clovers! And I couldn't be happier to have my mom working with me. 

We are headed to a tractor show in two weeks to set up and sell. Should be interesting! Hopefully, it will go really well and the brand will be more recognizable for future purchases! I donated two sets for a church fundraising event in this same community last week and hope that will be remembered. 

I know it's odd for someone with no children to get this excited over bibs and burp cloths. My prayer was very sincere, I wanted to make things that people wanted. I think I've done that, not on my own but thanks to the Lord. It truly seems like God was waiting for me to just ask for success and I finally did.  I sincerely hope that I'm on the right path.

OK since I've already held this in drafts for a few days, I think it's time to go ahead and publish. Hope you're having a wonderful week and a happy happy Tuesday.   :) 

Thursday, March 2, 2017


Ugh. I accidentally fell asleep last night about 8:30 pm, woke up about 1:09 am and haven't been back to sleep since. That sucks. Finally, I've decided to just be done with the attempts (now that it's about 4:30 am) and be awake. Maybe I'll get moving and go have breakfast somewhere before work! Yum!

So I left off here with frustrations about my niece. Hopefully, this situation will never happen to another student. But today, I'd like to share good news! More of God's blessings - Macy had her annual cardiologist appointment and everything looks great!! What a huge relief! Why does the 4-year-old have annual cardiologist appointments?  The condition she has - Marfans - typically impacts the heart. Feel free to google it, it's interesting to read, I guess. President Lincoln is a famous Marfans person.  

Anyway, her good news is a huge relief. My dad, who we also suspect has Marfans, also received a good cardiologist check up. He has all the heart symptoms - leaky heart valve and aneurysm in the aorta - but so far they have held off on surgery and continue to do so. Hooray! 

Mom couldn't shake a sinus infection - some serious steroids finally helped out. I'm not talking about that first round you get- this was scary amounts - but it worked! And after allergy tests, she doesn't seem to be allergic to environmental things - another great blessing! Woo Hoo! 

Mom and my brother have allergies to food. Mom: peaches, carrots, almonds, shellfish. Clay: tomatoes, black pepper, beef, oranges, I can't remember what all. And he has a tin of other allergies, too. He has sneezefests of 20+ sneezes at one time. Craziness. 

Macy and ree family went to the circus to see the last year of performances! So glad they were able to do this. She lived it!! 

 Katie, Macy, and I headed to Columbia to celebrate a very special girl's first birthda (with a quick stop at Krispie Kreme). Paulene and I became friends through United Way. 

And look at her precious girl!!! What a great celebration! 

The older sweet niece made it home. Our weather has been crazy warm so both girls rode bikes at Macy's school parking lot. Happy to have her home! 

We had no idea Macy was getting sick, but when you see her coloring in this picture, it makes sense. Her curls are so stinkin' cute! 

This is for my mom!! She's making bows now, doing such a good job!!! But she talks about the HUGE bows some mamas put in their daughters' heads. I had to explain it's kinda like big hair... The bigger the bow, the closer to heaven, right? HAHAHAHAHAH! 

Ok let's see if I can get one more hour of rest. :) sweet dreams! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Talk about Protection from Above!

ARRRGGGHHH.  Frustrations. Ok folks, how about some advice here.

My niece, she is 4.5.  In 4K at our local school and since Christmas has just been a royal handful. She's totally boy crazy, which is bizarre because that's not encouraged in her homelife. She's had these two boys as her best friends from day one, but suddenly they are boyfriends, and she blows kisses and follows them around. The school separates them, but it's not really helping. Any ideas?

Additionally to that, last week when her mama dropped her off at school, the teachers were walking towards the entrance door.  My sister told her daughter to run and catch up and she drove off.  The school uses a flag to indicate if you have to stop and sign your child in and the flag wasn't out.

Weeeeellllllll, the teachers didn't turn around to see a little girl behind them, the doors shut and my niece couldn't get the door open.  She was locked out of the school and had no idea what to do.  She sat on the grass outside and cried.  One of her classmate's mother was running behind and thankfully saw her crying in the grass, bringing her into the school with her son.

CAN. YOU. IMAGINE. My sister didn't find out until the parent got word to her 4 days later through a mutal aquaintance my sister works with - and the horror of what all COULD have happened... Oh my gosh, we were all just sick with the "what ifs."  God really took care of this situation, protected my niece and brought her classmate's mother there just at the perfect time. My sister has spoken to the school and there is a new policy where an administrator will make a "last lap" outside after the first bell rings and the teachers who slipped out of duty early (or so it seems) were all called into the admins office for a conversation.

I'm hoping my sister also realizes you can't drive off until you know she's in the school, but that's another issue outside of this particular one.  Heaven help, just thinking what could have happened...

Thank you, Lord.  You are so good to us.

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Right Thing?

I am so dang stressed and I'm trying not to be. Why? A few reasons but probably at the top of the list is my car. And the guy that hit it. Sigh. Older fella, had his grandson in the truck with him and was going through the Mickey D's drive thru. It's one of those split drive thru concepts where I was on the outer ring and he the inner. As I pull up and stop behind someone waiting to pay, he pulls forward and pulls forward and crruunncchh. Into my drivers side back door.

It wouldn't be so bad if 1- it didn't go down through all layers of paint and 2 - if I had a color easier to blend. Both repair companies said the same thing. Ugh. 

He freaked out and jumps out, wanting me to settle outside of insurance. Ugh. I don't do stuff like that. But after an hour of him pacing and begging while we waited on the cops (I'll be honest, he intimidated me!) I said I'd consider it and call over the weekend. 

This was Friday afternoon. I gathered as much into as I could for a Friday afternoon but wasn't quite finished. I didn't call over the weekend (bad me, I know) but wasn't ready to make a decision. Monday (today) I was able to see another company for a second estimate and talk to my insurance agent (adore her!).  

Holy smokes this man showed up at my workplace and for another 30-45 minutes went to talking nonstop. He'd borrow the money. He has a friend that could fix it cheaper. He and his wife were on limited incomes. They were raising his grandson. Listed allll the ailments if every person. Admitted they would probably take his license because of all the wrecks he had while on painkillers. But then he found the Lord. And I was invited to his church. They have a great preacher! I mean, I was tired of hearing him talk. 

So I gave him a month to get together the money and no-I'm not accepting $50 at a time for $800+ of damage. Then he tried the tactic of - well, you probably have a $500 deductible ... Sir, my insurance isn't paying. Yours would. ... Oh yeah, well, I heard even if you aren't at fault your insurance could go up... No sir, my insurance will not go up. 

Can you see why I have a headache? I really want to file with insurance because I'm lazy. But I am trying to do the right thing for the little damage that was done. But I seriously feel like he's going to run out on this and try to leave me with the bill. And I told him I'd call back tonight with an estimate on rental cars. Ugh. 

So I left work early, came home and enjoyed a three hour hot bath. Not that it solved my problems but I swear, it helped. 

Any thoughts on this situation? Because I can tell you, my dad thinks I'm nuts and that I should file with insurance to be done with it. Man it would be so much easier or to do it that way. I'm not sure I'd ever agree to something like this again. 


Let's look at happier, more fun times! Like a few of my coworkers and I went to conference in Myrtle Beach (let's not discuss how cold it is in January!!!) but it was fun. Really enjoyed my villa-mate. We are Hot Tamales!! Hahaha!!! 

This lady will crack you up! Had some great convo with her, as well. Love good talks. 

Came home to this sweet thing, that I missed so much while I was gone. She is what makes me home sick when I'm away from home! ❤️

My happiness meter was overflowing when I took half a day from work (on my first day back from conference) to babysit these cuties!!! 

Can we say TEETHING?! Poor fellas. But oh they are soooo snuggly! Growing so fast! I love every moment I get with them. 

Holy smokes, as I'm typing this, I just made a sale on Etsy!! That's two for today(which is unheard of). Wow, I'm excited! I sewed like a madwoman this past week, trying to up my stock. Looks like that was a good thing :) 

Some of my bibs in the store I sell them. Spent part of Saturday working on inventorying all I had for sale there to better track everything. 

Totally missed the super bowl and its commercials. That's another story that we'll just skip for now. But look at all these great times!! These blessed moments!  Life is good and I needed to take a moment to realize that. Thank You, Lord, for all You have given me. ❤️ 

Monday, January 23, 2017


This message keeps coming to mind: I'm not familiar with anything in the Bible saying God won't give you more than you can handle. Who came up with that, anyway? God does give us more than we can handle to make us understand we need HIM. If we could handle it all on our own, why would we ever look to the Lord? That makes more sense to me. Something I'm still chewing on.

Already I've not followed my #nestingwithjesus like I wanted to his year. Time to hop back on the horse and open my Bible ... Or app, whichever one works for me. I love my Dr Charles Stanely study Bible ( but the Bible app having many different versions at your fingertips also has merit. Sometimes it helps me understand a verse to read a few versions. She Reads Truth taught me that. 

Dolls my mom made for me when I was a child. Macy enjoys playing with them now :)

Last week at the end of a doctor visit, I mentioned a total medical miracle that happened in my family I thought she'd be interested in. The conversation moved along to her asking me to pray for a friend's salvation. I was very humbled she asked - so add this request to your prayers, if you feel so moved. Thanks. 

Anyone else addicted to PBS programming right now? Sunday night: Mercy Street, Victoria, and then a show about Henry 8th and his 6 wives. Loving it!! Trying so hard to be patient and not spoil Victoria but they realllly left us hanging. Mercy Street did, too. Now to get Poldark back up and running. Man I need to invest in some series on DVD! 

Have I shared this already? My sister and I took Macy to her school parking lot last Sunday so she could practice riding her bike. She was so cute! She loved it! Asked this weekend - Bethie, do you remember me riding my bicycle in the parking lot? Hahah! The storms this weekend kept us all indoors. 

She also entertained us with puppet shows in the puppet tent my friend, Donna, and her niece, Ellie, bought Macy for Christmas. She's loving it. Luckily my mom fits in the tent with her so they can both put on shows. Hahaha

Macy begged for a Panther Drink! Oh no!

Ok I'm headed for bed 2 hours after my self-appointed bedtime. Have a great week! 
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