Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hiding Stuff EVERYWHERE.

Today was spent picking up and putting things back in their places (or creating new places long enough for Saturday), straightening and neatening up everything, snatching up boxes and bags and odds/ends trash to get it out of my house... everything needed to be done for the housewarming. I swear, work is easier than this.

But then I had the joy of Ellie Belly. Adorable two-and-a-half-year-old "adopted niece" as I call her.  This child is wide open and talks non-stop. No seriously. Non-stop. But it's just hilarious. Tonight she gave us all "cupcakes" and when I asked her, "Do you know what I want on my cupcake," she said, "Yes. Decoration!" What a smart child. :)

Here are the two modes of Ellie:  Off... and On. Nothing in-between. Off. On.

She's so precious. Granted, she wasn't crawling all over me while I tried to eat, but it is just hilarious watching Donna discipline her for saying "Doodoo." HAHAHAHA. Man, I'm glad I have a cat sometimes. :)

So then it was the drive back. Let me just say, if we don't get some daylight soon, I'm going to lose my mind. Grey skies and ice and snow and early nights ... seriously. I'm going to lose it. After I got off the interstate, I think I saw five cars. Not that I'm worried about driving in the dark - not at all. It's just a lonely stretch of road sometimes.

Oh! I forgot to mention I actually cooked something that turned out right! Three somethings, actually! All in one night. 1.) Mexican Lasagna, which I love. Ground beef, taco seasoning, cook it up; add black beans, pureed salsa (I hate chunks) and Velveeta cheese. Layer between three layers of two tortilla shells in each layer and cook for 30 minutes on 300 I think? Not sure - I tweaked a recipe on - just look for Mexican lasagna. 2.) Hobo meals with beef fajita strips, carrots, potatoes and dehydrated onions with Italian dressing and A-1. Place all together in foil packets and cook on 400 for about an hour. TASTY! 3.) Praline carmel topping over cheesecake bar cookies. Yum. From a Betty Crocker cookbook. So happy something I cooked actually turned out RIGHT!

Now, I'm going to surf some blogs, enjoy diving into other people's lives and relax before bed. :)

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