Monday, January 10, 2011

Muffin Monday 1.

I'm starting a new tradition here at Whiskey Tango... Hello! It's call Muffin Monday.  On Muffin Monday I'll post you a new adorable photo of Muffin and/or one of her friends. 

More about Muffin:  Muffin is not typically a very lovey cat. She pretty much is grouchy and pissed off at least 98% of the time. But I love her. :)  Since she and I have moved out on our own, she's gotten worse about wanting to be left alone and resenting any company that may be in the house. Except Donna. And she knows Donna is allergic, thus she wants to rub all over Donna's legs. 

So here is our new picture of Muffin:
As you can see, she's none to happy about MY visiting her ... even thought it's MY bed she's sleeping in.
This morning, it's snowing like crazy, so I opened up the curtains and blinds for her to see. She looked for a minute, then jumped off the bed and ran away. I'll never understand her.

So yes, we did receive the crazy amounts of snow that they were calling for and it's still coming down out there (at 11:19 a.m.).  Big fat flakes. But this is odd snow and not sticky at all, so no snowmen or snow cats will be made today.  Hopefully, we'll still be able to do snow creme! YUM!

Here is the view I had about 9 a.m. today. That's my sister's house you see - I'm so lucky to have her beside me and my parents behind me. So we can all play in this snowy mess!  Chili beans at mom and dad's tonight!

If I had to guess, I'd say we have hit at least 4 or 5 inches? I'll have better pictures after I get out of my jammies, get a shower and walk over to the parents' house. So those will go up in a few days or so.

Ya'll stay safe out there, enjoy it and pray that it melts quickly. :)  And let me know what you think of the newest addition to the blog: Muffin Mondays!


  1. I love Muffin Mondays! So cute! Gotta love their individual personalities! :)

  2. You should join us for Weekend Cat Blogging! (except that I do love the concept of Muffin Monday!)

  3. Oh! Weekend Cat Blogging! There is an entire group that does this?! How do I find out more - sounds like lots of fun!


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