Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's Almost Over?

How can January be almost over? Granted, it does feel like a century ago since the big ball dropped and I was passed out asleep in my bed. But still - it was just yesterday I started the blog, and that was in December 2010! So I am forcing myself to look at and see what I have accomplished in the past month.

  1. I have enjoyed the simple things in life, like sunsets and starry skies. I have noticed and thanked God for such perfection.
  2. I have written out my thanks in my Thankful Journal! I realllly love this. I enjoy sitting down and saying thanks & looking back at the answered prayers. You'll hear me talk about this alot because I don't want to let it drift to the side.
  3. I have adopted Appreciation as my focus for 2011 and I'm finding this to be a wonderful concept.
  4. Last but not least, I am learning to appreciate myself and turn one of my concerns over to God for Him to guide me wherever I need to go. That was a biggie.
Of course I've had other things - like cooking. I'm trying new recipes and screwing up new recipes but who cares? At least I'm trying and not eating out all the time.

And I've made a new friend right here - Pam! She has amazing blogs that make me drool about her talents, but I'm tickled to have a new friend. ( and .  She actually did the 365 project! Awesome!

I am always so excited to hear from an old friend that they've read something here. :)  Just wish ya'll would comment so I'd know you were out there!

But anyway, enough reflection.  Thanks for joining me for this blogging journey! :)   Time to pack and head for bed! :) Next stop, well, work and then COLUMBIA for some Paulene time and CHARLESTON for some ME time! :)

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