Monday, January 31, 2011

Sick Memories.

I have this evil crud/cough that will not let go of me. It's wrapped it's wicked fingers tightly around my throat and chest and is desperately trying to squeeze the life out of me. It sucks.

For some reason it's made me think of sick memories. Like when I was a little thing, me, my older brother and my dad were all together at the shop, coming back towards the house. Mom came out and told Clay the test was positive - he had Strep, which meant a shot in the butt. He cried (he's only four years older than me), and oh how I was so sad that he was crying. It was a horrible feeling.

Our family kept Strep. I had it on my birthday once, so we had to cancel my birthday party. Shot in the butt. My younger sister had it and I remember the doctor saying the dog might be a Strep carrier since we were constantly in his office for it.

And the stomach bug. Good gosh, the stomach bug got us all. Katie got it first and she was just sick with it, right before Christmas.  We shared a room so I had a first hand account of her sickness. Christmas morning came and we all opened presents... just in time for me to get it and end up sick as a dog. In the hospital for several days! I had a Barbie and a bracelet that I took with me from Christmas morning. My entire family (except my brother!) ended up with it so neither of my parents could visit me in the hospital. My aunts from both sides had to pitch in and keep this very sick little girl entertained through the holidays. And wouldn't you know, my room was the only one in the hospital with a broken TV?

If you ever look closely, you'll see white spots on my two front teeth. Before I got old enough for the social etiquette to kick in, I was asked about them all the time.  The only thing they can figure is I had so many ear infections while my permanent teeth were forming that the medicine caused spots on my teeth? Who knows, I rarely notice them now. (In one of the pics of Katie and me on the beach in Charleston they were almost glowing. Hm... wonder if they glow under black light?)

Thankfully, I'm not an overly sick adult, only going to the doctor when I just can't take it anymore. Since I've had this from before Thanksgiving, I'm coming close to hitting my limit. But not quite yet...

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