Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011. Let's Be Friends.

Holy cow. It's already 2011. Can you believe it? It's just amazing to think I was frantically shopping for everyone on my list a month ago, now that's all behind me and it's a new year. Although, I do get baffled at how the NEW YEAR is blown into such insane proportions. You can't just swipe the slate clean when you get up on January first and pretend like everything that happened in 2010 is no longer of relevance. And although we have these good intentions with New Year Resolutions, I don't actually know anyone who has managed to complete them.

So I make Life Additions (like the photography and the Thankful Journal). Things that will make me happier and are much more likely to actually happen.  Another addition is to use coupons and take the money saved to help restock the pantry at my church.  All three of these are more likely to happen than me getting my booty on the treadmill.  Especially since it's still at my sister's house and hasn't made the move here yet.

So regardless of all this, here are my two New Year's photos:

The first is my very naked tree. I finally undecorated for Christmas today - 5 or so tubs of Christmas all packed up for another year. The second is Muffin and her idea of helping me pack up.  At least she wasn't underfoot or scratching the chair... something we are working on. I wish she would make NOT DESTROYING MY FURNITURE part of her New Year's Resolutions. But then we'd be back to breaking those resolutions...

Anyway, I am looking forward to a new year. I know it's a mentally a new beginning. I packed up, cleaned up, washed clothes, had my best friend come over for dinner with the family, and in general had a great first day to what I hope will be a GREAT new year.  :) 

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