Friday, January 14, 2011

Ups & Downs of a Day.

Holy cow , what a Thursday. It started off with NO delay at work, but with me getting stuck in the ice rink called my driveway.  After dad coaching me how to properly "rock" a car, I managed to get out and on my way to the office. Once I got there, it was uneventful (thank heavens!).

After work, I needed some Clock in a fierce way. (photo is my nice drive into the sun on I-85!) The Clock is a restaurant in Gaffney, SC, that I adore. LOVE. And just so happens my best friend lives in G-town, too. So off I went to enjoy much needed grease, chocolate covered cheesecake, and the company of the two best people in the world:  my best friend and her niece, which I consider my adopted niece. In their household, I'm known as Friend Beth and have been for... well, for about as many years as I've know Donna. Life was good being around the most adorable girl you've ever seen. :)

Anyway, I play with them before heading back home. I get to my driveway, park, and get out to check the mail. Clear as day I hear someone yell, "HELP!" It's crazy dark out here in the country, so I can't see a thing. But he yells, "Hey You!" or something along those lines. I get in my car, park at my house and call my sister (who lives beside me). She wakes her husband and he goes traipsing about the countryside with no luck. Call Pops. He hops in his truck, picks up brother-in-law and they go driving all over creation. No luck. Except for a house that looks like it could be having a party (in the freakin' snow??) - anyway, long story short - we couldn't find anything and figure it was a nasty prank.

So now, instead of feeling sorry for someone, I'm ticked off as all get out and wanting revenge. :)  Lovely little shift in emotions. Why did they have to ruin my great night of playing with Ellie Bellie? Punks.

Regardless, I got some incredibly adorable pictures of Ellie Bellie and look forward to sharing them with her aunt and mom! :)

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