Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rough Endings = Rough Beginnings.

When your week ends rough, it does not miraculously improve at the beginning of the next week.  Wouldn't that be nice though? Every Sunday was a fresh week ready to begin in a beautiful fashion? (It's much like a new year. I am very baffled why people think hanging up a new calendar creates a clean slate and all of last year is completed??)

Anyway, I'm having a rough week already and, so far, there hasn't been enough chocolate to offset my bad juju. I'm not happy. I'm crying at the drop of a hat. And I'm feeling very raw. And I am extremely sad. So if you'd like to put up a little prayer for me and my sanity, I'd appreciate it. Because although some of it is hormonal, some of it can't be fixed with chocolate and a prayer is always welcome.


So despite all this, as only a woman can do - I'm also still happy. I refuse to be anything else. Because I have so many blessings, so many good things in my life.

Since I don't feel like doing much else, I'm day dreaming as I surf the net.  And yes, I do adore my little house, but who says I can't dream of this pool in the back with these cool floatly lights?  They are only $1,000 but I'm not sure how many that will get you.  Obviously, an item every house needs.

I found this treat at http://www.opulantitems.com/, which I feel is aptly named.  But if I'm daydreaming, shouldn't I be dreaming opulant dreams?

Like these two daybeds. I love the nest feeling of both of them, like I could just curl up in them on a quiet deserted beach and read trash novels for hours with no interruptions. My very own nest, haven, shelter. All I need is the deserted beach, a few dolphins swimming by, a cool ocean breeze, a trash novel and a hot guy to rub my back as I doze in and out.  And sunblock. Some serious 45 spf sunblock. Other than that, I'm set! Who would like to fund this daydream for me?? :)

Since I'm not seeing any takers, I guess I'll go back to my movie and enjoy a hot bath here in my lovely little house later tonight. Thanks for bearing with a cranky lady. Tomorrow will be a better day!


  1. Sending you hugs and prayers.

  2. Thank you!! I do feel better today and I haven't had a bite of chocolate. :) I'm struggling with new realities and appreciate your prayers to help! :)


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