Monday, February 28, 2011

You didn't think I'd forget!

Of course I remember that it's Muffin Monday!! Sorry, today has been a ... well, a Monday! :)  So I'll make it up to you by bringing you not another picture of Muffin, but a picture of a special guest!

Welcome Allie and Chloe, my furry nieces (my sister's cats). They are pretty skittish of strangers, although Chloe is more likely to let you pick her up.  They have a tendency to turn over the trash can to forage for treats and pounce on their owners in the middle of the night. 

Meet Allie!

And her sister, Chloe!

They are incredibly cute together.  If they get out of each other's sight for too long, one will start "crying" for the other, until she comes running to show she's ok. Seriously - sisterly love! (ok, not blood sisters, but obviously, they don't care about that!). 

My drive home today was a bit interesting, as a huge storm was barreling down on me quickly. I had the windows partially down to enjoy the cool air and fresh air smell burnt leaves smell.  But WOW were those clouds boiling in from the West.  That line of severe storms came through just as I was hopping onto my porch.  I ended up unplugging half the electronics in my house, the lightening was so fierce.  Muffin and I huddled on the bed (ok, Muffin about shredded me to get out of the bed and crawl under it), but we are safe and sound now!

My drive home. More driving and picture taking!
Ya'll have a great week, enjoy visiting with Allie and Chloe and I'll see you back here tomorrow! :)

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