Saturday, February 5, 2011


I'm changing my mind about the blog. :) So if you saw a sneak peek... lucky you!

I did have an afternoon of self discovery, but for the love of heaven, do you really want to read about it? No! You want to read about what I did tonight.

Katie and I usually go over to my parents for the Super Bowl. It's really the only football game we watch every year.  It took me forever to find out who was playing only to find out I really don't care about either team. But I'm planning on cheering for Green Bay because I'm pretty sure my brother likes them.  If they have ugly uniforms, though, I'm changing my mind.

Anyway, tonight I made cheese crispies which I did SOMETHING WRONG (imagine that!) so they turned out weird looking. But somewhat tasty.  I made two kinds of dips but haven't found my box of Wheat Thins yet - I haven't found permanent places for everything in the house yet.  And the beginnings of a spinach/cheese stuffed bread recipe that I discovered only makes 8 servings. Tomorrow I'll finish that up and do a strawberry cobbler of sorts.

I'm excited! I love trying to pitch in and help with surprises from the kitchen, so hopefully something will turn out YUMMY! And I have all this pottery to serve things in, which also makes me very happy. I love being able to use my pottery- every chance I get. It is the best thing to cook in, hands down. One day I'll post pics of my pottery because I adore it.

Anyway, isn't this more fun than a pouty blog about lessons learned and changes to my life?? I thought so, too. :)  And it's made me feel better already! So cheer along with me - How Funky Is Your Chicken? How Funky Is Your Chicken? How Loose Is Your Goose?

Off to guzzle cough meds - ya'll have a great night! :)

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