Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunday Funnies

Last night's Super Bowl ads weren't the best I've ever seen, but some of them really did make me laugh like a loon. Starting with the movie trailer featuring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. The last line, "Tell your girlfriend it's a Romantic Comedy," caught me off-guard and got a laugh.

The two others I really liked were for Pepsi Max and Doritos.  In the Doritos commercial where the guy brought everything back to life with a sprinkle of Doritos crumbs - including grandpa - that was funny. And the Pepsi Max first date was also funny. Poor me, I didn't even recognize Justin Beiber in the Best Buy ad until they said his name. Oops. :)

Funny thoughts on Pepsi Max, which I didn't know was a diet drink because I'm a Coke girl (I'm Southern, and true Southerners drink COKE!) - Pepsi Max is "maximum flavor with none of the calories." So does that make Coke Zero (their version) Zero flavor with none of the calories?? hahaha. I wonder if someone actually thought about that as they developed the Pepsi Max brand?

So the family - we don't really get into football, although we all ended up pulling for Green Bay (whoo hoo!). Dad fell asleep in the recliner, Katie in the floor, leaving mom and me to cheer for the team. What a nail biter! Happy "our team" won! (Granted, we couldn't figure out who had the ball because ALL OF THEM WERE IN YELLOW PANTS! - Seriously??)

Ok, I have an election in the morning. I'm going to go soak in a hot bath, take some meds and go to bed. :)

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