Saturday, February 26, 2011

Too much, Too soon.

The sun setting on my way home
from shopping today
I thought I was up to going out for a few hours today and taking advantage of the shopping coupons mom had received in the mail. I was not. But I didn't discover that until it was much too late. I am looking forward to face-planting into my pillow within the next 10 minutes.

I did enjoy some great deals though! A new purse, some shirts for AH, 4 scrapbooks I'm going to work up and put up for sale (you'll see them at a future date), some cool scrapping paper, art kits for AH and cat food. What did I forget in all of this? Kleenex. How I forgot, I cannot say, but I came home without Kleenex. *sigh*

Birthday Girl!
 After shopping way too much, it was time to CELEBRATE the birthday girl's 9th birthday!! I haven't been around nine-year-olds very much, but I'd say she was very happy with her gifts. The painting for her room seemed to thrill her! And she was so very excited to get her plate that she'd drawn (Mak-it Plates). We also served her cake on the new "family birthday plate," which we'll use for everyone's birthday cake from now on. 

Her favorite gift BY FAR were the rocket balloons. It came with an air pump that you slide the long skinny balloons onto, pump them up and then let them loose to fly all over the room. While they are flying, they make the most annoying, high pitched, evil squealing noise that makes you want to scream, which is why she likes it so much, I'm sure. We all played with those balloon things until everyone was exhausted from pumping them up. This will be continued tomorrow, as she left them at my parents' house. :)

I was so glad she liked the handmade gifts as much as the store bought ones. She was tickled pink by having something with her name on it, and seemed to be even happier that it was painted by me for her. I wasn't sure if she'd like the store-bought gifts more? You just never know with kids. But she was really great, showing appreciation for each and every present. She's a great kid. I'm so glad God brought her into our family, and really hate we missed the first several years.

The party excitement has drained me. Off to take vitamins (although you can't see that they are doing a dang thing to help me!) and other meds before crashing! Sweet dreams, imaginary friends! :)

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