Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Dreaming...

Sunrise with Pop
...of warm sandy beaches and beautiful sunrises! We have the annual family beach trip planned! I'm very excited to have something to look forward to - especially since we missed this trip last year.  With the wedding and the house remodel, there was no way we could get away in the middle of it all. I assure you, I can tell I skipped vacation last year, making this year even more exciting! :) 
Dad riding the range...

Personally, I'm not a beach bum. I fry up like a lobster within minutes. Yes, I use the good stuff, slather it on thick and 30 minutes before sun rays touch my sugar white skin. But I'm an auburn haired gal and it just comes with the territory. So I usually roll around in the sand for a bit and then move indoors with Dad. Because he enjoys the AC about as much as I do. He "rides the range" with his Western book while I have my girlie trash novel. It's bliss.  Mom and Katie could live on the beach and do for hours on end. 

I was going through some pics from years past and remembered this awesome old cemetery we stumbled upon one afternoon. This one part of the cemetery had few headstones, some markers from the funeral home, but obvious grave outlines with conch shells. Old conch shells, weathered and cracked and broken with grass growing through them. It was actually quite beautiful and a little less sterile than a traditional headstone. More like they were honoring their loved ones with beautiful items from nature - I liked it, it was nice.

Of course I enjoy the sunrises and sunsets, which you can see both really well depending on which part of the island you are standing at.  We try to catch both - with camera ready, of course. :) And it always seems we end up getting caught in a hail storm of massive proportions. Very bizarre and not fun.

But the card games around a table on the screened in porch, cooking on the grill, boiled peanuts from the local produce stand, beach music rockin' from the Ipod, movies in the evenings, and just enjoying each other's company - that's awesome. Totally awesome. Priceless. Worth every moment of sunburn and every grain of sand in my car. It's LOVE! :)

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