Monday, February 14, 2011

My Daddy.

I remember being a high school kid or so, and my mama saying she worried we wouldn't find a man as good as our daddy to marry.  So far, she's been right. My dad is larger than life because he's one in a million.

Valentine's Day is one of those ways I can prove he's amazing.  Valentine's Day as a single girl can downright suck. But for me, my dad has always been my Valentine, so I'm never left out from the hoopla. I always have a very thoughtful, sincere, handpicked Valentine and a heart of chocolate candy. Always. And at 35, I still have a special Valentine's Day card and candy waiting for me at my parents' house.

This year's card was perfect - one of those cards that brings tears to your eyes. I know how he searches and searches for the JUST RIGHT card for each of us (mom, Katie and me) and he's always right on the money. It's definitely something he takes his time with and puts so much thought and consideration into - and you can always tell.

So until I can find a guy that can sum me up in a Valentine, I guess I'll just remain single. :)

Happy Valentine's Day - to all of you out there! :)   And thanks to the best Daddy in the world - MINE!


  1. Valentine's Day as a single girl can definitely suck! I was single until just before I turned 34, so I feel your pain. I'm so glad you have a wonderful role model of what a husband should be--in your father. Ya know, maybe I should share my love story on my blog some time! I met my hubby on eHarmony!

    By the way, thanks for the congrats on our adoption! We are so blessed with our children. They are all so different in so many ways, but they bring such joy!


  2. I'm fortunate - I rarely feel "lonely" or left out on Valentine's Day. Maybe if everyone around me were showered with gifts, but we are government workers - we are all broke! ha ha! :)

    But I am very blessed to have my pops as my example for a great husband. My sister managed to find Pops 2.0, so maybe I will, too! *laugh*!

    So happy for your family!


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