Thursday, February 24, 2011


All day today I thought it was Friday. I mean, seriously, why am I getting my days confused?? Makes no sense. And I was not happy to find out it was Thursday.

Not that I had a bad Thursday. Although I was supposed to do dinner and a play at our local college with Sara, she caught the sore throat crud and had to cancel.  So... Dinner with Donna. Then Dessert with Gary. :)  Two friends in one night  - couldn't be a bad thing!

I think I was rushing through today because tomorrow AH comes home! My wonderful step-niece who turns 9-years-old today. So this weekend we'll be celebrating her birthday with the gifts I made her (the artwork with her name, her Mak-it Plate and the card!). Can't wait! So maybe that's why I rushed right through Thursday to get to Friday!

With the remains of Yummy Clock and Yummy Mountain View Family Restaurant floating around in my tummy, I think I'll head to bed. :) Happy Friday TOMORROW ya'll!

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