Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Yumminess!

Who cares what teams are playing or who's gonna win? I want to know what's for nibbling!  Katie and I usually go over to my parents for the Super Bowl, not that any of us cares about football but we do enjoy the commercials! And we all bring stuff to EAT!

I'm SO excited because, yes, my cheese crispies kinda went awry, but my Spinach Pull-Apart is awesome.  The recipe comes from Pillsbury and can be found here.  I took pictures as I went along because I didn't fully grasp what they were talking about (sorry, my ADD kicks in and makes cooking a bit crazy). And I didn't see they had a video! But too late, you have to look at my pictures anyway.

It starts with crescent rolls from a can. Cut them in half. Then I folded them up and smooshed flat into a sorta-circle.  I have no idea if this is what they did, but it worked for me.

Then I used a cookie dropper to scoop up the filling and drop it in the middle.  I folded them over, sealed them shut and then rolled them into little balls. After rolling them in butter/garlic salt mix, you drop them into a bundt pan.  AND THEY TURNED OUT GREAT!

I'm using my pottery, which it fits perfect into. The center bowl will be filled with marinara for folks to spoon out and use as a dip! It's so pretty and brown and looks just like their picture. It's amazing! :)

I also have two types of dips with crackers, carrots and celery and a strawberry cobbler in the over as I type. I don't know if it will turn out or not... I'll let you know tomorrow.

Hope you have a great night watching commercials! Let me know which one you find the best, ok? :)

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