Friday, February 4, 2011

Warmth. And Weekend Wants.

I daydreamed today of warmth. It's just so grey and chilly outside. When I left for work it was 34 degrees and when I came home 8 hours later, it was 36 degrees. So it's just been a cold dreary day.

So this is what I daydreamed of earlier today:

Glassy Baby, something I found on Daily Grommet, is hand blown candle holders (or vases or glasses - whatever you want to use them for) and I think they are beautiful and romantic. *sigh* And they have a great charitable side to the organization, too. Check them out and read their story.

 So with this longing for warmth, I came home, hopped into my jammies and surrounded myself with warm light. The best I could do to combat the blah day of today.

First things first - turn on my lighted willows that my friend Melissa gave me for my housewarming! They have the most beautiful glow that immediately makes me happier.

Then on to lighting candles. This is Macintosh by Yankee Candle, given to me by my sister-in-law's parents for my housewarming (I need to do housewarmings more often!!).  It smells so yummy!!! And I love the liquid color as the wax begins to melt.

And then turn on my lamp with the fun glittery crystals. They just sparkle as the light hits them. Ahhh... now everything is lit with a homey glow! I love it!

Now that I've spent several more hours online daydreaming of warm beaches and private pools to be lazy around without worrying how I look in a bathing suit... I may take my candle and the NON-warm part of my evening (the ice cream!)with me to a hot bath before crashing into bed.

Surely I have a trash novel in the house somewhere that involves a warm climate...

Happy weekend ya'll! Hope it's a great one! :)

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