Thursday, February 17, 2011

Daytime TV

I've taken a few days off from work in an effort to get my back straightened out before next week's election. I've had wonderful people calling and texting to check on my all day, which has made me feel very warm and fuzzy. :) Thanks ya'll.

When my boss called, she asked what I was doing. "Lying flat on my back in bed," I said.  "Do you have a tv in your room?"  "Nope, no tv. But I don't really watch much tv."  "Well, at least it would be some entertainment. Oh wait, you only get about seven channels, so you'd only get Springer and the Young and the Restless." <insert evil laughter here>  lol.

Well, she's right. I don't have cable (doesn't come this far out) and I don't have satellite, so I have the basic channels, of which only three regular networks (CBS, ABC and FOX) come in and three stations of ETV. I did manage to roll myself out of bed to the recliner, where I found out my boss was completely right - Springer and Soaps.

Springer won. And the crappy Springer knock-off after Springer. And Maurey, who is probably worse than both of them.  I finally turned off TV because I felt my IQ slipping so quick I was afraid I wouldn't be able to spell my name by the end of the day if I continued down this path.

Seriously? That's all we have to offer during the day? And really crappy commercials for questionable lawyers, questionable car insurance and questionable ways to decrease debt. And we wonder why America is in a mess? I did flip to ETV, watched some Bob Ross, but decided my meds didn't make me stoned enough to commune with him on his level.  Then there were the shows on the history of China and Spain but I decided to pass. So that was my poor choice.

After one day of resting, I am feeling better - but will still take tomorrow off.  Hopefully I'll find some trash novels I haven't read lately - they do have more intelligence than what I saw today (scary!)

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