Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Just spoke with a very good and wonderful friend. One of those people who makes your heart smile just thinking of them. She is very much a mentor to me (whether she knows it or not) and so when I had something I needed to run by someone, I knew she'd be the right choice. And she was. 

Just last night I was talking to another friend about "fate," which I don't really believe in because I believe in God. Fate seems more of a happen-chance. God is an actual entity with a very deliberate plan in the works for me. Anyway, we were discussing how thing appear to be "Meant To Be." Something you can't put your finger on and yet, you feel like there is some cosmic reason events are happening like they are. Or the feelings are occurring like they are.

My advice was not to read too much into "fate events" because I believe we are often wrong.  I thought a relationship was "meant to be" because we were high school sweethearts, back together after 10 years. It was God bringing us back together, so surely we should be together forever. However, no that wasn't God's reason for bringing us back together and it took years after us breaking up for me to realize what God's reasons were. (Thankfully, we are still friends!)

So now, as a few events are unfolding in front of my eyes, I had to wonder if this was some kind of SIGN FROM GOD that I needed to listen to or acknowledge. Or maybe a foreshadowing to future events. Thus, a phone call to my friend. And she had wonderful advice which was - I should see there are interesting events happening and be aware they may be a sign for events to come in the future. To prepare, but don't jump. I like it. So that's what I'll do. And pray. :)

I couldn't help but chuckle as one conversation fed directly into the other - with me saying, "Don't read too much into these feelings of fate," only to turn around and say, "Is this a sign??" 

So tonight, I'm asking God to guide me to the correct decision. Open a door wide if I'm supposed to walk through it or put a nice big obstacle in front of it if I'm not supposed to be there. Make the choice clear without confusion, please, should there even be a decision.

On a totally unrelated note: I did fix the issue of those without accounts not being able to post comments! How unfriendly of me! I have opened it up to anyone wishing to leave a comment. (Thanks for letting me know there was a problem!) And thanks for following my random and mostly mundane life. :)

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