Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day - and Muffin Monday!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my blog readers! I hope your day of love is beautiful and filled with pink and red and hearts and all that jazz! :)

Here is your Muffin Monday - she wants your Valentine! So you better hold on to yours tight!

Yes, my sweet "little" baby still has all her claws! I couldn't even think about declawing her, so she's shredding everything in two houses now. *sigh* But I love her anyway.

How sweet was this? My sister and niece made me this adorable Valentine's Day Cake and decorated it for me! It doesn't get any better than having an 8-year-old for a Valentine! She's the best!

She also made me a Valentine with glittery star stickers for eyes! LOVE IT! It's on my fridge, proudly on display beside the thank you note she wrote to me for her Christmas presents. Treasures.

Ya'll have a great Valentine's day, Happy Monday and a FABULOUS WEEK! Meet me back here tomorrow, ok? :)

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