Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Muses.

This weekend was filled with Sweet Niece #2 love, as her parents celebrated their anniversary at the beach.  She is just too doggone cute for words and I am so glad we got some time together.  It almost makes me want to buy a crib so she can sleep at my house! :)

We started Saturday morning wtih some play time, which then required some rest time where I became the recliner for Little Miss as we watched some PBS Kids.

And when it came time to sleep, PawPaw read Llama Llama Red Pajama a few times and before you knew it, Baby Llama was sound asleep.  What a cutie.

So obviously my weekend was wonderful - I barely left my house.

Did I have much time to think? Not really, but I did contintue to blog for my 31 Days, which I'll add Monday's entry later today.  I think that's what I spent time thinking about, my faith and relationship with God.  But I'll talk more about that later.

1)  It very easy to find all the faults in people.  Really easy. Those things stick out to us and it's so easy to comment about them, tell someone what they SHOULD be doing or should QUIT doing, how to IMPROVE and CHANGE for the better.  But in reality, most people know their own faults and don't really need someone else pointing them out.  How about instead we find the GOOD in people, what they are doing GREAT, what their TALENTS are and how they have HELPED us or IMPACTED us.  I think it would go a lot farther that all the negative.  BE POSITIVE!

2) Going along with this theme, I'd like to share a YouTube video that is making the rounds.  I love it, I love the message and it's something I know I needed to hear. And I need to hear it over and over and over because doubts creep in and I put myself down (like any of us need someone else putting us down, right?)  So watch this.  And open your heart to hear it and believe it.

Ok, that's enough for you this morning. :)  and I need to drink some more sweet tea so I MIGHT be able to wake up enough to function today.

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