Thursday, October 3, 2013

31 Days - Day 2: TESTIFY!

In keeping with the 31 Days theme from The Nesting Place, today I'm thankfully I have faith! I grew up in a Christian household (so thankful!), but I didn't make the choice to accept Jesus into my life on a personal level until high school.  I think when you grow up in a church, you sometimes lose sight of the personal nature of God. It wasn't like I was a drug addict that hit rock bottom and had to see the light of God to find my way from death's door.  No... not like that at all for me.

I was actually at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting and this guy (a senior, I was a freshman) began telling his testimony and it just hit me - I've never made a commitment on my own! Whoa. Yes, this is great, I am so glad this guy is sharing his testimony because it's really opening my eyes! I prayed that night at home and was just blown away.  Later in that year, I was asked to go share my testimony as a FCA freshman representative at a local church.  He was the senior representative and then HE was blown away that his words were used to help save me. :)

I'm still in touch with him, 20+ years later.  I call him my special friend, because he was used in a very special way to touch my life.  God is awesome and can use anything in this world to His will and power. It's great. You just never know how you may be part of God's plan - whether you are Christian or not! hee hee... isn't that something to think about?

If you aren't Christian, I hope you'll consider the love Jesus has for you and open your heart to Him.  It's ... everything. It. Is. Everything.  It's Eternal. It's Love. It's Peace.

:)  I told you, I'm finally excited about blogging again.  Thanks for joining me in today's message. :)

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