Wednesday, October 2, 2013

31 Days - and I'm late starting again.

So once again, I'm behind the curve! But I finally found something that interested me, thanks to Abbie at The Envelope Keeper.  She mentioned a blog challenge of writing for 31 days in October, which is hosted by The Nesting Place.

I'm totally new to this group, so work with me, but it seems there are several "topics" you can choose to file yourself under for the month of October.  I have decided to go under Inspirational and Faith, because that's where my heart is these days.

This is my button! Woop woop, I did it! :) 
Today, I'm thinking about the blessings I've received recently... like how I prayed all the way to urgent care for Macy's health.  I was seriously sick with worry about that little girl and God heard every fear and every prayer - and Macy was fine. *whew*

Driving home in the dark, in the rain, so worried I was going to wreck... Oh how I prayed for the Lord to keep my safe and it was like a BLINK - I was off the interstate and half way home.  I couldn't believe how quickly that drive went. *whew*

Mom's foot healed ... We found a solution for baby sitting while it was broken ... Dad's health reports have come back good ... Wow.  Blessed. Over and Over.  BLESSED. So thankful.

So expect more of this in the upcoming month.  I'm excited to be excited again. And I'm excited to be excited about something so dear to me - God. My Lord. My Father.

Hope you'll join me for this ride.

1-     You got it right here. :)
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3-     Wondering Where to Start
4-     Let it Shine
5-     Send in the Whales
6-     Build Me Up, Buttercup
7-     The Notebook
8-     Be Still
9-     You are Beautiful
10-   Who Knows What Day I'm On
11-   The Basics
12-   Rest
13-   Pray
14-   Cha-Ching!
15-   Courage
16-   Busybodies
17-   Thanks

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