Thursday, October 10, 2013

31 Days - Day 9 : You are Beautiful


One of the most amazing concepts I've tried to wrap my head around is the fact that GOD CREATED ME in HIS image, whose talents and skills were specifically given to me to honor Him.  My green eyes, specifically chosen by God.  My fair skins and freckles - gift from God! The fact that my hair is crazy thick, or I'm taller than the norm, or I have an affinity for music and art - God, God, God.

The fact that I'm not great at science - that's ok, too, because God made someone else who is a science genius and that wasn't what I was created to do.

I'm sad to think of how often I have look at myself and wanted to me something different. I wanted to be able to sing beautifully, or draw so skillfully.  To have the talent of doing quick math in my head or being poised and professional.

Instead I'm a loud talking, loud laughing, casual, off-the-cuff, non-professional, horrible singer, flip-flop wearing, Southern redneck.  But with those traits come the ones God sees - I make people feel comfortable, I make them smile. I do laugh a lot, I have sympathy and caring for folks, I like making people feel good.  I develop relationships and enjoy people's stories. I have lots of love to give.

So instead of pouting about what I didn't get, I try to be thankful for who I am! I'm someone God Loves! I'm in His Image! I'm His DAUGHTER! His CHILD! His CREATION! His HEART.

When I went to YouTube to find this video (that I'm posting again because I really want you to watch it), I was surprised to see how many videos are made about women needing to feel beautiful. Sadly, we have really misplaced the concept of beauty to be one of an outer shell.  Our perfect hair, plump lips, wrinkle-less eyes, high cheekbones. So of course are self-confidence is destroyed because we don't look like that!

Please, get beyond that silliness and realize your beauty is not in your face and body, but in your heart where God is dwelling with His love.  He is your beauty.  You are never going to feel beautiful as long as you are trying to be Barbie.

So go watch this video.  :)

31 Days

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