Wednesday, October 16, 2013

31Days-Day 14 : Cha-Ching!

Usually when I get into my car at night, I have to readjust all the mirrors. My best time is morning time and I'm sitting up taller in my seat. Afternoon/evenings are evil to me and all the mirrors have to be moved down.

Tonight was different. Tonight I had my final Financial Peace University class and I was energized afterwards. Even sick as a dog, I was excited! The last session was a smack to the face and an abrupt change in my thinking. 

See, all this time I've thought about how hard I work for my money. I'm worth more money. I need more money. I'll never make ends meet in this money. 

And the reality is this:It ain't my money. 

This is God's money, every penny. He has given me the responsibly to take care of his money for Him. 10% off the top for my church. Not "Christian related ministries," but for my church. Above that are offerings which are also good. 

But bigger than the 10% is the fact wasteful spending of my money is wasteful spending of God's money. 

God has a very specific plan concerning finances. This isn't a program that's taking a shot in the dark. It's very Biblical based and it's about following God's instructions. 

And it isn't about hoarding the money you have, but becoming able to give it away. I am so wanting to hit that point - to be able to better impact others lives thanks to the Lord's blessing. 

As Dave Ramsey put it, God is a giver. He gave us His only son. What could be a bigger gift than that? So we, who are made in His image, should be givers, too. 

I hope if you are in a church, you are tithing. It's a direct instruction from God. It's the first item out of the paycheck. Don't skimp on this one. 10%. 

And I hope you'll consider the Dave Ramsey class, to learn how to prioritize so you can give back some of what has been given to you. 

With much love, 

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