Tuesday, October 15, 2013

31 Days - Day 13 : Pray


Prayer.  We all do it, even if you aren't a Christian. The first sign of major trouble and even the non-religious will be uttering a prayer under their breath, hoping it will reach the ears of someone they don't really understand, but want to believe in for just that moment. 

I'm not much better.  Rough waters come ashore and I'm asking God to bail me out! Help me, Lord! Please help! Help my Dad, help my Mom, Macy is sick, so please help! My finances are in trouble, help Lord, help! I'm scared in the storm, Help! Help!  

In reality, the main purpose of prayer isn't so we can read off a laundry lists of wants or "Helps!", but to develop our relaltionship with God. If you aren't praying, you are drifting away from Him and His path for you.  If you talk to Him, develop a relationship where you share yourself with God and listen to Him in return, you will grow and He will use you for His kingdom. 

Yes, prayer is good for asking, for guidance, for all this and more.  But it's really for relationship building.  Just like any other relationship, if you do nothing but ask ask ask for things, the relationship becomes one-sided and will disenegrate.  Don't do this with the most important relationship you can possibly have. 

(Great reminder for me, too. Want to know more? Listen to Dr. Charles Stanley and his comments on prayer here.)  

Did anyone else grow up with the ACTS prayer method?  Adoration, Confession, Thanks and Special Requests. Just curious. :)

31 Days - the beginning

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