Friday, October 4, 2013

31 Days - Day 3 : Wondering Where to Start

Isn't there a Disney movie that says something about starting at the beginning? A very good place to start? Wait - let me google that, I'll be right back. .... .... ....

ARGH! It was the Sound of Music! Not Disney at all!  I love that movie, how did I mess that up? Grr... part of the Do-Re-Mi song. *sigh*

Anyway, enough of that rabbit trail - so maybe you are wondering how to get into a daily devotional. One that appeals to you, speaks to you, isn't all stuffy and over your head but is still meaty enough that you gather something from it.

That's the place I was in about a year ago.  I wasn't comfortable with many devotionals because I'm not a Bible guru.  I haven't done devotionals in the past and I wanted something to bring me closesr to God and teach me what His word said about me. I wanted something personal.

I will say, I found it in #SheReadsTruth. I tried a few others that were seriously great devotionals. (I also recommend Girlfriends in God to have an email sent to you everyday with a devotional) - but She Reads Truth just hit home with me.  They are short themes easily accessed through You Version app on my phone. Usually lasting 14 days or 12 days or something like that.  Right now I'm in the Women in the Bible, part 4 - which I'm loving!! Proverbs really woke me up and got me totally hooked on #SRT.

So to start at the beginning, I'd say download the You Version app for your phone or tablet - Apple/Iphone here and Droid here. Once there you can search Plans and then Devotionals and look for She Reads Truth.  Pick one that you like and off you go!

You can also follow along on the She Reads Truth community on their blog, where folks comment on what they gained from the devotional that day. Sometimes the remarks are ... well, annoying to be honest. But more often than not, especially in the Proverbs theme, I gained so much from the other people's comments.

So there. Maybe that will help someone out there find a place to start in their quest to get closer to God. :) And one more entry into the 31 Days event. :)

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