Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear weekend, I'm so looking forward to you and to my mountain day trip with Dad. It will be cold, but fun. Dear Angela, I'm so glad you and Clay made it up for your birthday! We just don't get to see you often enough.  Dear Sweet Nieces #1 & #2, you two are so very loved. You are surrounded with so many people who want to see you happy, healthy, successful, and we will move any mountain possible for you. Know how incredibly loved you are. Dear teeth, please break through and give Sweet Niece #1 some relief before she gnaws her fingers off.  Dear Hello Kitty boots, yes, I'm 38 years old. And you make me happy. And my toes toasty.  You are a good thing.  Dear Tiny Dancer, your Monster Mash dance was the best ever. I enjoyed seeing you after missing you for so long!

PS: I'm a slacker when it comes to my 31 Days... But I'll post more today, I promise. :)

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