Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday's Letters. :)

Oh yeah, hip hip hooray, FRIDAY IS HERE! Come on, do the Friday dance! Woop woop...woop woop...

Now let's focus on our Friday's Letters:

Dear Mom, do you know how old I feel when you give me these toys from my childhood? (just kidding, I love it!) The cutest thing - this Queen Busy Bee that had a string to pull it behind you as you walked.  The wings go crazy spinning, like the busy bee that she is! She is now a feature in my china cabinet, with all the other old stuff.

Dear Autumn, I am sooo enjoying the beautiful sunrises and sunsets in my day.  I love the pinks, yellows, oranges, and reds - in the sky, in the leaves, it's just good stuff.  So be prepared with a lot more photos of random driving shots (like this one, taken from my parents house, looking towards the back of my house) because as long as we have pretty skies, I'm snapping and sharing.

Dear Pressed Clovers, I'm focused on you this weekend.  I have to get some orders completed and my own Christmas presents in the works so I won't have so much pressure during the holidays. :) This is a paper bag album under way - one I stayed up too late working on this week!

Dear 31 Days, I'm happy to have found a new topic to blog about.  I went back and read the sad posts about Muffin's passing... I can see the total slump in my posts for the past several months. So this is good... I'm happy. :)

Ya'll have a great weekend and believe it or not, I'll post this weekend with more from the 31 Days series!  Now go link up with The Sweat Season! :)



  1. Yay, I love random driving sky shots! :) And fall!

  2. I remember toys like that! I don't think we had one, though. I'm glad you're moving out of your slump.


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