Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday's Letters!!!

B is for Bethie - My friend Paulene created this most beautiful B and I claim that it is 100% for me. Dear friends, Thanks for reading my 31 Days and for your encouraging comments.  I'll keeping it up - so far so good! Dear weekend, I'm ready for you!! Lovely autumn weather is in store - not too hot and not too cold, so maybe we can get some pics of both sweet nieces this weekend at a pumpkin patch. So hopeful. Dear decisions, I totally don't want to deal with you right now, but I think I may not have a choice. Dear coupons, how I tire of trying to keep up with you, shop with you, save money with you. But I also hate paying more than I should. *sigh*  Dear Dave Ramsey, I'm very thankful for your class, for the advice you have given and for this feeling that I may be able to control my spending and get "there" one day!! It's an actual goal that I may see happen! Granted, I've spent all my dining out money and still have a week to go unti pay day. Hmm...

Ya'll, thanks for joining me - I love hearing from you and appreicate your time. :)
Have a GREAT weekend!



  1. I am glad to hear that Dave Ramsey is helping you. I have yet to 'meet' anyone who could give me honest feedback.I am hoping to be out of debt soon. I have student loans to pay off. I am happy for the weekend as well because I get to be at home with my family.


  2. Good luck with the Dave Ramsey stuff. Luckily I apparently was born with an utter hatred of debt and pay off everything as quickly as possible.

  3. Hope you make it to the pumpkin patch!


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