Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shower Registry Book - Great Gift Idea!

No more scraps of wrapping paper to keep a register of gifts at a shower. No more pages ripped from a spiral bound notebook.  This book solves this problem and creates a great keepsake!  It's not a scrapbook for photos, it's a registry book to record the gifts from all your wedding showers.

Each book starts with four shower registry pages - the info sheet that records the hostess, date, time, location and notes for each shower.  And each shower includes 48 places to record the name and gifts received with a little box for you to check off when a thank you note is sent.

Each book also includes a miscellaneous section so you can record gifts outside of a shower or received at your wedding.  This section contains 72 spaces to record names/gifts.

These books came about because my mom wanted to give one to my cousin who was getting married a registry book for all her showers and the just didn't seem to exist. So I made one. And then another. And now people want them to make keepsakes of their showers (baby shower, wedding shower, whatever) in one pretty book, instead of scraps of wrapping paper or torn out sheets from a spiral notebook.  My sister kept using hers after Macy was born for the batism and whatnot so she could keep up with what thank you notes she had written.

Awesome gift idea, too, btw. One day maybe I'll get married and get to use one! :)  HAHA!


  1. I love all these books. You have given me so many ideas for all the scrapbook I've started and not finished. Thanks girl

    1. :) yay! Finish them up before you forget all the details. Congrats on your job!!! :) :)


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