Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday's Letter

Three generations of love in this picture! :)  Too adorable. 

Dear Thickety Goodness aka Lizard's Thicket, thanks for being the great backdrop for a wonderful get together with Paulene. I know you were ready to pry my butt out of your booth after the multi-hour visit, but it was so worth it. Sorry. :)

Dear Whacked-Out Back, please keep improving. You were causing me some issues this weekend and it wasn't very fun. Be nice, please?

Dear Long Weekend, Thanks for being so productive. It was so totally awesome to get so much done - I felt accomplished. Yeah!

Dear Icy Conditions, Please go away. I'm not a fan of yours. 20 accidents in my county right at this moment? Seriously? We are kinda rural around here, so this isn't sounding very good. And I didn't buy any milk. (although, why bother, if the power goes out, what am I going to do - cry over spoiled milk? HAHAHA... OK, maybe not so funny...)

Dear Sara & Elizabeth - YAY! I'm so excited we had lunch together! YAYYAYAYAY! And I'm tickled to have had dinner last night with you, Sara. And to see how tickled you were to receive a Southern Church Lady Cookbook, that made me laugh. Can't wait to see what you cook up!

Ja'Bria Barber, you have my vote on Idol all the way.  Being a hometown girl, I'm backing you. So excited to see you represent the hometown so well and your voice is awesome. GO GIRL!

Dear Peeps, if you have Facebook, please consider finding Pressed Clovers and liking my page! :)  Many many thank yous! :) 

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  1. What a great picture!!! Very special! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Oh no, sorry about your back! That's the worst!

    As to your comment on my blog...don't get me wrong....I'd still sure like to find someone who meets my list! :)


    1. HAHAHAHA! :) Can't wait to hear how many of the traits he ends up with from the checklist

  3. Lovin' your blog and your post! I'm excited to read more!


  4. I LOVE Lizard's Thicket. Hope you're feeling better soon! Back pain is the worst.

  5. So glad I got to see you! Let's do yoga together! That would help with back problems, right?


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