Saturday, January 26, 2013

How Was I Supposed To Know?

Donna and I headed to see Les Mis after a tasty dinner tonight. (note here about our size 0 waitress who kept saying she was fat and was going to the doctor. Really wanted to gag her, snatch her bald headed, you get the idea. Now I'll return you to the story.)

I loved the music of Les Mis in high school and really wanted to see it on the big screen. I knew it was long, I heard mixed reviews, but I rrreeeaaaallllllllyyy wanted to see it. So, how did I miss the entire storyline when I listened to this music 20 years ago, because I did NOT know it was sad. Dang, everyone and their uncle's cousin twice removed kicks it in this film! If I hadn't been with Donna, who I knew who laugh at me, I would have bawled! (My friend Emily pointed out the title should have given me a clue...)

Donna leaned over and said, are they singing through the whole movie? Yes and no... They are all singing except Russell Crowe, he is trying to sing...

 So I now understand the music better and I'm not sure I love it quite as I did 20 years ago. It's so sad! But still good. Glad I watched it in the theater, otherwise I would have fast forwarded through some of the singing and missed the plot.

Ta DA! My review of Les Mis! Everyone dies and Russell can't sing. :)

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