Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday's Letter

Dear Friday's Letter, I'm sorry my life revolves around my niece, Macy, these days. I took some time off and spent it spoiling her, so I will have more variety of photos now that I'm back at work full-time. Dear New Year, I'm asking that you be kinder to my family than 2012. I realize I received many blessings - MANY blessings - but please let 2013 have a bit less drama. Dear One Little Word, the reason I'm choosing this word for 2013 is because of the drama of 2012.  My word this year is Simplify. Simplify my life, my living, my material things, my desires, my goals, my focus, ... get back to the basics.  I'm very excited about this word.  Dear Pressed Clovers,  I'm very excited for you, too. I had my first sale to a stranger totally new customer AND she came back for another book!!  Dear Cara Box, I'm so giddy over being part of this for the first time this month. I hope I can live up to some of the other boxes I've seen featured!  Dear new blogger friends - this has introduced me to the most faithful people I've ever met. You inspire me everyday to read with you as you overcome struggles and celebrate blessings. Thank you for opening your hearts and lives up to me with every post!! Dear Praying Peeps, please keep my niece, Macy, and my dad in your prayers as we have a few more hurdles to overcome! :) 

OH! And thanks to Clover Lane for teaching me how to make a dadgim banner for my blog! Holy Cow Batman, it took me long enough, didn't it? Now it's cuter and prettier... Thank You!

Join me at Friday's Letters on Ashley's new blog, The Sweet Season!!



  1. So after you commented on my post, I went to your blog and read your Friday's Letters. Before I knew it I was down to the end of the web page where it asks you if you want older posts! haha. Needless to say I've enjoyed reading your posts and now following.

    Btw, I don't have children of my own yet, but I have six nieces and nephews... totally understand the spoiling thing ;)

  2. If I was Macy's aunt, I would totally be spoiling her! Her New Year's pictures CRACK ME UP - she's so precious!!

    I love your blog header and CONGRATS on your repeat customer! That is SO AWESOME!!

    I am continuing to keep you and your family in my prayers. He has a purpose for everything. Trust in Him and leave it all to him.


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