Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Spark!

Oh my imaginary friends, I'm so excited today...bubbling with happiness! It's due to the creative beast that has grabbed a hold of me and is allowing me to FOCUS and WORK and accomplish things. Love it.

I realize this doesn't look organized, but it is - organized chaos I suppose. I knew this long weekend was coming and I required myself to make it count. Friday night I started cutting and laying out scrapbooks to assemble.

Saturday was a time out to visit Paulene. So happy to see her! She is so inspiring, positive, happy...just awesome. AND the visit included Lizards Thicket, oh yeah. Yummy Thickey goodness in my tummy!

Sunday I wasn't feeling well so I kinda crashed and re-watched Downton Abbey season 1 to gear up for season 3 that night. Love love love this show!

Then Monday came. Oooohhhhhyyyeeeaaahhhh.. Bow bow, chickachicka... Do you even know what song I'm singing? Think Ferris... ANYWAY, this crazy long post to tell you I've created new books!

This craziness is turned into books! Four are ready to go and another is well on it's way...

See them all lined up, ready to be posted on Pressed Clovers? I'll let you know when they get there.

The last one I'm working on today. It's made me think of my grandmother the entire time I've worked on it. So I think that's how I'll market it, a grandmother or mother, or even a generations book.

Do you know I've never made one of these books for me to keep? I think I'll make me one of my grandmother and me. She's been gone about six years now but her influence and love is still keenly felt. So maybe the last book I make this week will be a keeper. :)

For now, I'm hitting the shower and then visiting friends for lunch. I extended my weekend by taking today off from the full-time job (yay!). Hopefully, I'll have new inventory in the store by mid-week!


  1. They look great!! I am so happy for you and how great your store is doing!! :)


    1. You are awesome for cheering me on!

  2. WERK it. Big shout out to MLK jr for letting us have that extra day to do whatever. Ive tried but I just cant get into that show.

    1. Gasp! How could you not love this show! Ack ack!


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