Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Four New Books

Ya'll, this is one tired puppy. I have been in training all day to learn how to manage conflict and confrontation.  Ohhh.. my body aches. But it was a really good class. I laughingly decided I sounded like a bully because I love to use sarcasm. *sigh* I am definitely working on a new attitude, as I've become more frowny faced than I used to be. Back to writing in my Thankful Journal on a regular basis. I really does help refocus me to the positive.

So, as you already know, I took this weekend to create books. It felt so good to create... love it. And I managed to post four of them online today - so go check them out.  Bookmark me, so me some love. :)

We have baby boy books ready now! Loved the adorable cuteness of these baby books. There were already a baby girl and neutral baby for those who didn't want to be overcome with blue and pink. Or, who have a shy baby like Macy was for us.
We have tween/girl books for those girls ages 1 - 8 or so. Lots of glitter, glitz, flowers, butterflies and just all things adorably girlie.  My older sweet niece, AH, loved the one I gave her for Christmas. Was over the moon. I think she felt so grown up. :)
And I added two holiday / calendar books that include all the major holidays. You'll just have to check them out, they are each different, so sometimes it's just a matter of preference. The girls at work couldn't decide which one they would prefer. I like the crazy cat myself.

I'm excited, I should get my Cara Box this week! EEEKKK!!! So excited! My first time, as you already know, so I'm just giggly wondering what is coming in the mail!! I've had such an amazing time meeting these two girls and getting to know them better. I highly recommend everyone trying it and seeing if Cara Box is for you.  It's been really wonderful for me.

Ok, I need to get moving and keep getting stuff done. I'm zonked and really want a hot bath and a good book, but that will have to wait just a little while longer. Hope your hump day was fabulous and give me some feedback on what you think of the new books.

Thanks ya'll - I really appreciate you and all the support you've given me here! It's just amazing!


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