Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday's Letter

Dear Southern Winter,
    You see, I live in the south to avoid issues like the one above. Ice that won't allow me to open the car door without a serious struggle is not funny.  Pretty maybe, but not funny. But thank you for not dumping serious amounts of snow on us. 

Dear Muffin,
    I realize everything in the house is yours, by virtue of you being a cat. However, I did want to read that letter before you claimed it and wrinkled it up with your large furry self. 

Dear Macy,
    You are stinkin' adorable. You are barely seven months old and I can't remember what life was like before you were here. Your joy is just so beautiful. Your crazy laughter this morning was beyond precious!  I <3 my two adorable sweet nieces!

Dear Winter Sun,
    I can't possibly see a dang thing when you are pulling this crap in the mornings. It's very frustrating, painful, and dangerous.  While I love your warmth, can you tone it back a bit, please? Thanks.

Dear Sara, so tickled to see your new digs this week!  You have such a unique style, it looks really great.  Dear Paulene, Playday tomorrow! Can't wait! AND I get to eat some Lizard's Thicket - oh yeah!  Dear Donna, I'm blaming you for the craving of chocolate chip pizza.... *sigh* so tasty.  Dear Friday's Letter, thank you for introducing me to some super cool people. Dear Cara Box, you are on your merry way to Kansas.  How you managed to link me up to the transplanted Southern gal from my own backyard, I'll never know. But it's so cool! DEAR LONG WEEKEND, oh thank you thank you thank you. Pressed Clovers will have new inventory soon, since I'll be home long enough to work on books! 

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  1. That was soo my car this morning! I was late for work because it took so long to thaw the windows to drive.

  2. :)(: I'm with you on the winter sun and weather. It needs to get it together.


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