Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cara Box Reveal!

Cara Box

It's time for CARA BOX REVEAL!!! This is the first month I have done Cara Box and I LOVED it. Basically, you submit your name to be part of this program.  You will receive a person to give a gift to and someone will send you a gift.  You spend some time getting to know them, you make two new friends, you assemble a box of goodies under $15 for your partner that fits the theme of the month and you have a box arrive on your porch with goodies for you! Is this awesome or what?!  I know, totally love it.

The person I created a box for was Amy.  This story is a bit crazy as she is a Carolina gal living in Kansas. Come to find out, I know her people here in my community! CRAZY?! I think so!  Amy's blog is here and she can tell you more about what I sent her. :)

Andrea (her blog is here!) received my name and she is awesome! :) She sent a list of questions to learn more about me, followed me on instagram and facebook and I just wish we lived closer! I love her inspirational posts that are so uplifting!  This month, Cara Box was about resolutions, but I don't really do resolutions, so I know I made it hard on her. But she did REALLY GREAT!

Yesterday my present was waiting for me on my porch, too adorable.  I was ready to do flips to see what was inside. :)  It was STUFFED full of fun, just for me!

Everything was wrapped really pretty but I took care of that in no time. :)  I love PINK and loved the pink poofs tied to everything. Muffin is going to have a grand time chasing them around the house!

I have chosen "one little word" to apply to my life this year, which is Simplify.  Andrea included the planner to help me get organized and simplify my daily life. 

 I LOVE these notecards!  The first says, "Be encouraged, I will never leave you nor forsake you." - a Bible verse, and how totally encouraging is that? And the second is just beautiful, with rhinestones on the upper right side of the cross.  The envelopes are awesome, too, which is one of those little things I LOVE about stationary. Cool envelopes. :)  The pen is now part of my Thankful Journal and it also mentions living simply.  I am so thankful I chose this word! 

This is just for me! Body mist and lotion to pamper myself - and the card which was full of encouragement. Andrea didn't know it, but I had dropped my bottle of perfume and shattered the bottle, leaving me "scentless." So this is awesome! :) 

Cara Box has been such a blessing, I am so thankful for the two ladies I met through the program. It always amazes me the online network of Christian women out there, and I was matched up with two of them! :) YAY!  

I'm off to link up with everyone else - thanks again, Andrea!! You did an awesome job!


  1. That is so cool. I have never heard of it before...what a cute box she put together!!


    1. Laura, you MUST go check into it. You would love it. Seriously, easy and you get to meet two new people every month. It's so much fun. I'm addicted now!

  2. This is so cute and I love the concept. I have to try this

    1. Please sign up - it's so much fun! :) You will love it.

  3. This is awesome!! How fun!!

    Oh, and love that you did the soldier thing---that's awesome! I'm pretty excited about it!


    1. You should sign up, too! You'd love it, it's a great way to meet people all over the country. Cool people. :)

      Yes, the soldier thing is awesome. But don't be shocked if you don't hear back, because sometimes time is so limited that it's only spent on family and sleep. But it's still really awesome.

  4. Hey girl! I just found your blog through the cara box swap and I LOVE IT! :) I cant wait to read more!

    x0x0x- Heather

    1. YAY! Welcome aboard and THANKS :) I'm off to friend you, too!


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