Thursday, January 10, 2013

Seriously? I know my status.

Hello world. I am single. I'm old and single. And I assure you, I realize my status. No, seriously - I do. I don't need you to remind me with emails from eHarmony and Plenty of Fish.  I don't even need to see the advertisements for Christian Singles or whatever keeps advertising. 

Did the same blonde girl model for every dating site? Just curious. 

Anyway, can I tell you how ironic I've always found it that Plenty Of Fish, when shoved all together, can also read PlentyOffish. HAHAHAHAHA. That's been my online dating experience. Plenty Offish. For one, I don't look like that blonde girl in the least and for two, I seem to attract total freaks who either have a bizarre foot fetish or have to take meds to keep them from barfing, they are so nervous around me. Not kidding here. 

What is it about the new year that makes dating sites kick it into overtime? Obviously this time of year must be one of those lonely seasons and they are pouncing on it. I can't blame them. I'm just tired of it. 

A coworker asked me today if I thought single people who had never married were happier than those who were married. I said probably, based on the divorce rate in this country. She said something about it would be better to have never married or had a family?! Um. Well, I don't know... I didn't go down that route and end up divorced... so... I don't know? I figure, you better be content with what you have because that's where you are. Single? Ok, be single and enjoy the pros of being single. Married? Ok, be married and cherish/love your spouse, work hard at the relationship. Quit thinking the grass is always greener on the other side! 

On another note, TOTALLY changing the subject

I sent two books out int he mail today from Pressed Clovers - one to New York and one to Missouri.  You can see one of them today over on that blog post here.  Please read down to the bottom and leave me a message as to your thoughts on this new addition to my shop.  I can't decide if it's worth pursuing or not... 

The second book was a honeymoon/beach theme and I'll post that up early next week.  My weekend ahead will be working on a few more because my current inventory is severely lacking! A great problem to have! :)

I'm off to get some additional sleep since I've been wide awake night after night these past few days. It's turning me into a zombie!


  1. "Married? Ok, be married and cherish/love your spouse, work hard at the relationship." <-- Well said!

    I've been married for 2 years, but before, I was that one single person with all the dating/engaged/married friends.

    The thing that people (in my opinion) don't realize about marriage is: It's all about the person you are with, and who they are, and who you are. No one can tell you what marriage is going to be like or what your spouse will be like. Anyone who tries to is foolish. If people would focus on their spouses instead of believing the gloom-and-doom gossip and stereotypes, a lot more marriages would probably work out.

    1. Amen! And if everyone would quit listening to what their friends tell them they should do or what he should be doing, etc etc, we'd probably be better off. :)


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