Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday's Letter

Dear Weekend, I'm so very excited you are almost here. Not sure why. But I am! :)  Woop woop! Dear Macy Mae, I'm so sorry your daddy is sick but you have been so good for your Memaw. Thanks for visiting me at work and making my day so happy! Dear Pintrest, you are killing me and my time. But I am enjoying finding new projects to torture the nieces with! It's not over.. muahahahaha!  Dear Cara Box, thank you, Andrea, for making me a GREAT box! :) I'm so looking forward to what February's theme might be! EEeiikkk!  Dear Paulene, thank you! :) Your motivational spirit finally got me moving. I've done some form of exercise every day this week (for the first time in about 38 years!) and oh my gosh, my legs are paying for it. But it's ok! I'm happy about it! (You can sign up for motivation, too, just click here!)  Dear Water, why can't you taste like Sundrop or Mountain Dew? :(  Dear Pressed Clovers, I'm so excited to have a Facebook page for you, to have two new books available in your store.  Pretty excited about you in general!

Dear Downton Abbey, *spoiler alert* HOW COULD YOU KILL OFF SYBIL!!!! Oh My Gosh, why?!?!?! She's the sweetest, most cool girl on the show! ARRRRGH! What will happen with Branson? The baby? What will he name it? Does Cora know about Lord Grantham's adulterous kiss? Will that Patrick guy come back into the picture? Why did Mary go to the doctor? Did she lose a baby? *breathe breathe* ... must get my heart rate down... *breathe breathe* Ok ok. So thank goodness for Sundays.  See you on Twitter as we all discuss this during the show? :)   Want some entertainment? Check this out!

Dear God, Thank you. For many many reasons. Thanks for the GREAT reminder to THINK before speaking - one of my greatest weaknesses that I'm focused on improving.

Dear Friends - Thanks for reading/visiting! :) Hope you come back soon.  Lots of hotlinks above, enjoy exploring them when you are bored. :)  Leave me a message so I can go visit you, too!

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  1. Found you via Friday's Letters. :) I just followed your Cara box link and it looks so fun! I need to sign up.


    1. Cara Box is MUCHO fun - and today is the last day to sign up, I think. So join us! :)

  2. thank God its Friday!!! happy weekend! :-)


    1. Now if I can just hold out for another Friday... *sigh* :) Thanks for visiting!

  3. All this Downtown Abbey talk! I need to start watching!

    Stopping by from "Friday's Letters"!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

    1. Oh girl, you definitely need to start watching! I absolutely LOVE that show! love love love! :)


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