Sunday, January 13, 2013


I said this weekend I'd either be chef-y or crafty. I chose crafty. It ended in disaster.

Let me explain. At a family get-together after Christmas, I asked if the deco mesh on the tree was going to be thrown away. Since we were in a community center and my cuz is the facility manager, I figured he would, I saved it from the landfill and it came home with me. It rode around in my backseat for weeks.

This weekend I bought the wire frame to make a wreath, I downloaded a tutorial, I was ready to be crafty.

Muffin was ready to help. I did the pipe cleaners on the wire frame, I started winding my way through...

And it looked horrible. I had tried to use the "puffs" they had already created, but that was too large for my needs. I took all their puffs apart. Tried again. Fail.

I crammed it all in my trunk, which wouldn't even shut, and headed to mom's, where the meads it's right now.

If we manage to make this look like a wreath instead of a slaughtered mermaid, as my sister likes to call it, I'll let you know. Otherwise, consider this project a fail. :(
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  1. Girl, that was hilarious. Don't you hate when those tutorials don't come with a warning that your project will turn out to be a hot mess...

    1. Oh... I think I'm just not talented in this area because it really looked EASY. *sigh*


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