Friday, May 10, 2013

Every Day in May: Seriously?

No really, do I HAVE to post my most embarrassing moment? Because seriously, that ain't happening. Not that I have many, I should probably be more embarrassed than I am... but nope, the worst worst is staying locked up.

So I've shared this story with more detail here, but let me just give you the basics:

  • Military function for the ex-BF, hundreds of peeps in dress uniform. I'm in black, up-do, seriously trying to look good and impress. 
  • Table for 8, all his superiors, their superiors and those people's superiors, ... him and me. I'm the only chick and civilian at this table. 
  • Imagine with me for just a moment: 
    • Hairpins dropping from the up-do and skimming down my back All. Night. Long. 
    • Shoes will NOT stay on and end up flopping like flip flops 
    • Underwire in the backless bra pops loose and causes a pointy tent in the top of my dress
    • The tape of the backless bra comes loose and now I have a "Picasso boob"
    • My bracelet breaks in half and falls into my lap. Tucked it into a napkin to discard. Thanks ex-BF for commenting as we leave - don't leave your bracelet!
    • At the end of the night, I thought it would be funny to tell the highest ranking officer he was a great date for the night... 
    • And I get in the car... well I shuffled to the car to keep my shoes on ... and realized there was a tent in my dress - hello ex-BF, why didn't you clue me in! 
  • It was a rough night. It was definitely the most formal affair I'd been to and probably the most disasterous event I've ever had. 
I can laugh now. But then, not so much! ha ha :)

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  1. That is a funny story! I love how you refer to your friend as the EX-BF! I also wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog!


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